Conversational Forms

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Tips: just like any other form, I would not recommend adding TONS of fields/questions if this is a prospect-facing form or lead generation form. Keep it short, 12-15 fields or less.

Also, keep in mind at the time of this tutorial, this add-on is in beta so small/weird things may appear. The following items have been identified by the product team in the beta version of this add-on.

  • Page and Section fields are not supported when using Conversational Forms, as fields are presented one at a time already
  • Honeypot is not supported
  • “View Form” button will 404 if the settings haven’t been saved
  • Forms with product total fields have various issues
  • Tall fields get clipped off on short screens
  • Fields from add-ons might not display nicely

Last thing; you can convert existing forms to Conversational forms by toggling this on in Form Settings > Conversational Forms. Just be careful using this on super duper long forms as it could actually take the visitor longer to fill this out vs. a traditional form.

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