Click-to-Call Landing Page (for mobile)

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Click the link below to download the form file. See here on how to import forms.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 1: create "Zip Code" form

Step 2: import "Click-to-Call" form

Step 3: activate "Home Quotes" template on a new page

Step 4: add "Zip Code" form to "Home Quotes" template

Step 5: activate "Click-to-Call" template on a new page

Step 6: add "Click-to-Call" form to "Click-to-Call" template

Step 7: create redirect from "Zip Code" form to "Click-to-Call" page

Step 8: activate "Click-to-Call" success template

Step 9: redirect "Click-to-Call" form to Success page

Here is a visual of what this funnel looks like:

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